About Us

About Us

I have always been a horse girl. My dad had me riding before i could walk, but i didn't venture into the breeding business until 2017. My parents own Rafter Bar D Morgans in Sarona, wi, so i've been around breeding as i was growing up. I bought my first Morgan in high school- jsm supreme breeze. i was looking for an untrained rich bay mare. i wanted to start a horse on my own with guidance from my dad and stepmom. Breezy fit the bill and i brought her home in February of 2010, she is what really sold me on Morgans. My husband on the other hand was not a horseman until he met me. Shortly after we got together he mentioned wanting his own horse to ride with me. i knew about a mare for sale...jmf black frost "Belle," we bought her for Ryley and the rest is history!

We are at a busy point in our life. We have two young childern, my husband and i are currently building our dream home for our family and horses. We took a few years off from breeding and sold some of our nicest horses because it was a little overwhelming with our young family; however we have realized we want to get back to raising Morgans and Morgan crosses. It is my dream to share my love for horses with my two sons. My goal is to slowly grow my herd for my family to enjoy- all aspects; breeding, training, riding and selling. i want to instill in my boys the same values i learned growing up on the farm.

As much as we love Morgans we have become especially fond of my husbands new gelding- a Morgan/percheron cross. We intend to raise Morgans along with some Morgan draft crosses.

We currently have three mares that we use for riding and breeding. My husbands draft cross gelding and my redheaded quarter horse gelding "Doc."